Facebook Video is getting serious

Source: digiday.com Competition forces innovation and innovation is changing the world! The numbers Facebook released this week are showing that they are very serious about the video business. 8 billion views per day made from 800 million viewers is twice as much as half a year ago and eight times the amount of one year […]

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Second-Screen Searches

Source: Newsletter Think with Google   People are curios and don`t settle on information available only on TV. We want to know more; Where have I seen this actor before? What do others think of this movie? What are the results of other games played right now? What is the price of that new SUV? […]

Beenius version 4.2.4.

New Beenius Version 4.2.4

  Although the year 2015 is slowly coming to an end Beenius is not slowing down. Beenius Interactive TV platform is constantly developing and we decided to bring you up to date with the newest improvements on version 4.2. To the already supported T-commerce, mobile applications with content oriented UI, enhanced advertising and several back […]