Gigabyte will present their Android-based STB with the new Beesmart client

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As Beenius is presenting a new Beesmart client for Android-based STBs at its stand, Gigabyte will also use Beesmart as a middleware on their new Android set-top boxes.






The biggest release from Beenius at this year’s IBC is new Beesmart client for Android STBs.

The presentations of it won’t take place only at the Beenius stand No.: 14.121, but also at Gigabyte’s stand No. 14.383 as they will present their new set-top box running on Android operating system.

If you are looking for a new TV solution with a bit of evolution, you must stop at those two stands.

Also, don’t miss demo presentation that will take a place on Saturday, 14th September, at 4pm, at Connected World TheatreBeenius CTO, Marko Hiti, will present a new solution with numerous application and open platform.

Beenius stand No.: 14.121
Gigabyte stand No.: 14.383