Multiple virtual operators supported by Beenius Interactive TV Platform

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Gobo screen

  • Year: 2016
  • Market: OTT
  • Product: Beenius Interactive TV Platform version 4.2

Mexican operator Gobo is a wholesale operator who is reselling service to Mexican IPSs. At Gobo they were looking for flexible middleware which would enable services across converging multi-device and multi-network environments (such as billing, technical support, performance monitoring and reporting to the subscriber) and would reinforce Linux as also Android future proofed solution.

The Beenius TV platform supports a scenario with multiple virtual operators. In this GOBO has the ability to provide IPTV/OTT middleware as a service (PaaS) and host multiple virtual service providers – virtual operators. Virtual operators rent out use of the Beenius Platform for a monthly rate and are able to deploy interactive IPTV/OTT services more quickly and efficiently. For virtual operators this is an OPEX-oriented model. In this way they can focus on the business and elements their revenue depends on: services, content, and end users.

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