What now for TV operators?

While the whole Interactive TV industry is still buzzing about “cord cutters”, recent research by Forester tells us that “cord nevers” are the group we should concentrate on. The research suggest that 18% of the US population has never signed up for cable comparing to 6% that has cut the cord. By 2025, 50% of […]


According to the Nikola Sander from the Vienna Institute of Demography in Austria, who found the trends using United Nations data the largest migrations are from middle-income countries to high-income countries. Of course there are some exceptions, which are shown in the interactive graphic below.   The migrant population are a huge niche nowadays for […]

Microsoft ends support for older browsers

Last week Microsoft has released a final patch (KB3123303) for older versions of Internet Explorer that includes the latest cumulative security updates and an “End of Life” upgrade notification. Since 12.1.2016 Microsoft will no longer offer technical support and security updates for IE8, IE9, and IE10. This move is consistent with Microsoft`s strategy of shifting […]

TV remotes will disappear

Almost every great invention trough time becomes outdated and is replaced by something faster, lighter, securer, more powerful or more intuitive. Nothing wrong with that, this is progress. Do you still remember Walkman? Techcrunch, a leading online technology publisher made a list stating that cash and credit cards, USB sticks, Passwords, paper agreements and TV […]