Beenius annouces: Beesmart client for Android STBs

What actually means that Android operating system is running on set-top box?

It is not just another Android application or device, but it is an intermediate stage between classic set-top box device and “convenient” Smart TV device without any additional box or device.
As all devices become smaller and smaller, the set-top boxes with Android operating system are usually neatly designed boxes with remote control and keyboard.

On the other side, we have Smart TVs with pre-built hardware for middleware. Is set-top box with Android operating system the current state of what can TV operators offer? We can assume that after withdrawing STB devices, the TV operators will have lower costs with STB devices, especially if they give users a rental. Interactive TV will be even more accessible.

User-friendly set-top box

Android environment offers a greater control of the user experience and lower development cost. Like all devices with Android operating system, set-top boxes offer all applications from Google Play. Exactly that increases the satisfaction of users. Now they can enjoy by playing games, reading and sending e-mails, engage with friends and other users in social media networks, on their TV.

Android is open and rapidly developing operating system. TV operators have access to the large Android developer community and bring an exciting range of mobile experience to TV. Everyone can design own application and upload it to market and of course then use it.

Beesmart client for Android STBs
A user-friendly and cost-effective solution with numerous applications ensures TV operators’ happy subscribers.


Easier for developers and better for TV operators

Android operating system on set-top boxes presents a compelling value proposal to the development of devices of connected home.

Almost anyone can develop applications for Android devices, as their SDK is freely available. TV operators can offer also applications from TV middleware developer and that’s why double win for content distributor and for end-user is. Android’s API is also extensive and with built-in security.

Android influence in the world of technology is immense and because of the numerous applications already available on Google Play, the android based smart-STB is cost-effective solution for both, TV operators and TV users.

Cost-effective solution

Although Android was first designed for smartphones, but its open nature and architecture are also flexible and well-functioning on other electronic devices. As previously said, due to an open source and SDK, Android OS brings a wide range of applications for all kinds of users and also brings lower costs for TV operators.

Sooner or later, the Android operating system will be uploaded on Smart TVs and no STBs will be needed.

Android STB supported TV Middleware

With the convenient smart set-top box and supported Beesmart middleware by Beenius for Android operating system, is user-experience deeper and more pronounced. Beesmart middleware enables access and use of the most wanted applications made by Beesmart KIT and from Goole Play. Without additional software development is Beesmart middleware for Android operating system the best solution for the operator and end-users.

At the IBC2013 this September, Beenius is to present the new Beesmart client for set-top boxes with the Android operating system with our newly designed and immensely appealing user interface. STBs with the Android OS in comparison with classic STBs are less costly and based on an open platform with already existing apps on the market.