Operators, 2018 goals are known, but how to achieve them? Step 2.


In our previous post, the How & Why it is essential to understand viewers’ behavior, was presented. Today, we uncover the Step 2. telecommunication operators and service providers need to follow to reach their goals in 2018.

Step 2: Improve viewers’ content discovery

The PwC research (American TV viewers older than 18) revealed the importance of understanding consumers and their needs.

TV viewers are smart. They know when video content is imposed.

Today’s audience wants to understand the “why” behind the what. They are more likely to trust what you recommend if the suggestion comes with an explanation. Why does the show have a high rating? What are critics saying? How likely am I to enjoy this show? How did others rate it? 37% of respondents say they don’t want to waste their time on starting a new show they might not like. As the amount of content proliferates faster than consumers can keep track of, they need intelligent tools that can act like a trusted friend, advising them on what they should watch, so they don’t waste their time. (PwC research)

Win your customer’s trust.TV viewers want more clarity, context, and the “why” behind the recommendation.

PWC_content discover_4_Nov 2017
PwC Research “Can you find that show I didn’t know I wanted to watch?” November 2017


Companies continue to create more TV content, introduce new distribution platforms, and fight for subscribers and attention, all the while creating more fragmentation and making it harder for the consumer to find something to watch.

Pay-TV Subscribers vs. Streamers

While current pay-TV subscribers also agree there is too much content available, they are more likely to enjoy the search for content and less likely to be frustrated by it than consumers who only stream. Only 38 % of Pay-TV subscribers enjoy searching for new video content to watch.
The research results also suggest that content has a longer shelf life among consumers who rely exclusively on streaming: Pay-TV subscribers favour shows released recently. The pool of content from which to choose diminishes for pay-TV subscribers if they’re focused only on recent releases, which could help lessen frustration and raise enjoyment around content discovery.

PWC_content discover_2_Nov 2017
PwC Research “Can you find that show I didn’t know I wanted to watch?” November 2017

Do TV viewers really know what they are looking for?

It is evident that browsing has become the primary means of content discovery. For years, ensuring a smooth, natural search function was paramount. And while that is still important, PwC research assumes the consumer know precisely what they’re looking for. The reality is they often don’t know.

PWC_content discover_3_Nov 2017
PwC Research “Can you find that show I didn’t know I wanted to watch?” November 2017

How can Beenius Recommendation Dashboard help operators tackle the above challenges?

It eases viewer’s TV experience by recommending content of any type (Live TV programs, Catch-up TV programs, series and VOD content) in one place, thus underlining operators’ care for the customer. Recommended content is based on:

  • end-users feedback
  • actual watched content
  • time of day & a day of the week content watching
  • content already watched by users with similar watching behavior

enabling viewers to find movies, series, video content, smoothly.

Beenius Recommendation Dashboard screenshot 1
Beenius Recommendation Dashboard

Beenius Recommendation Dashboard also gives the ability to end-users to search for desired content through a special search mechanism. This way search is performed via recommendation engine, over content’s Title, Director, Actor, and other content metadata.

Beenius Recommendation Dashboard screenshot 2
Beenius Recommendation Dashboard

Now you that you know which are Step 1 & Step 2 to reach your goals, the obvious Step 3 is to contact Beenius representative and set up a demo presentation of Beenius Recommendation Dashboard.

Let’s reach the goals in 2018 together!


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