This paper describes the ecosystem, dataflow and components required to deliver a high quality Internet TV/OTT television experience to a variety of consumer devices. This solution is pre-integrated and thoroughly tested by Beenius and Verimatrix, and commercially deployed by several pay-TV operators.

  • Based on the Beesmart middleware and the third-generation Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS™ 3) for content and revenue security, the integrated solution provides the key functions for an optimal quality and secure premium OTT television service delivery, featuring:
    Business Model and Digital Rights Management: Based on business rules established by the operator and implemented using the Beesmart middleware and VCAS for Internet TV, devices are authenticated and the user is granted consumption rights, described in entitlements, based on the specific subscription properties. Tightly integrated with secure VCAS key management, strong and standard AES-128 encryption is applied in order to protect the content delivery from its origin to the subscriber. VCAS ensures that decryption keys are managed and securely distributed to authenticated and authorized client devices only.
  •  High-Quality User Experience: The entire solution has been designed to provide an excellent quality of experience for consumers that will support the growth and retention of subscription services. Content security is transparent to viewers, ensuring easy access and frictionless experience offered by the HLS adaptive bit rate streaming technology:
  • Device Mobility: Different devices over any access network
  • User Mobility: Access to services anytime – anywhere
  • Service Mobility: Similar user experience across all devices
  • DRM Mobility: Multi-DRM subscriber super domains

Available Now: The solution is available for immediate field deployment and will benefit any service operator that plans to extend its service offerings beyond traditional managed networks by launching Internet TV to STBs, connected TVs, PCs/Macs and a variety of mobile devices.