We believe that operators which are thinking of extending their existing offer, should consider OTT solution, if they want provide best viewing experience to their clients. Today the information about OTT solution are at the reach of operators’ fingertips, but the decision whether or not include OTT in the proposal is not the easiest.

We wanted to describe in a simple and graphic way the difference between traditional Pay-TV market and Over-The-Top solution, the situation and developments that are currently going on the OTT market, who are the targeted audience if OTT is offered and why, what are the benefits of the OTT offer, etc.

We believe that OTT solution complements Pay-TV operators and is not their substitute. The benefits for Pay TV operators gained by implementing OTT are the possibility of targeting new customers and new markets as there is no more limitations with managed network, new offerings for the existing subscribers, less operating costs, etc.  OTT brings for customers the benefits of N-Screen solution, multiple SVOD, while enables the operators to offer more personalized content and can profit from targeted recommendations, advertising and T-Commerce support.

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