interactive tv advertising

TV is still the first choice for advertisers to reach their target groups of audiences and to build brand awareness. Its audio-visual format is especially suitable for creating a bond between the brand and the consumer and focusing of the importance of having the product advertised. On average, TV consumers spend around 4 hours daily watching Live TV in the home, compared with same amount of time – but on a monthly basis – watching video on the Internet, according to Nielsen1 and Deloitte. TV is still the main media through which customers get to know new products and what influences their decision to purchase them. On the enormous TV advertising market, US advertisers spent $66.35 billion in 2013, an increase of $2 billion compared to 2012, and this figure is set to rise to over $75 billion by 2017. Expected growth is for digital video, but it is predicted that the mobile share will continue to increase at a faster rate. By 2017, 29.7% of all digital video ad spending will go toward mobile ads.