Digital disruption has had a major impact on many different industries and shows no signs of slowing down. TV media was reluctant to adapt to the digital disruption, but in the last few years, this has slowly started to change.

While TV is now marching towards digital, viewers are seeking the opportunity to skip commercials. There is a need for change in the overall TV advertising approach.

Download Beenius White Paper on “Quo Vadis, TV Advertising”, and find out:

  • How can TV advertising become a way of monetization for operators?
  • What does the new type of VOD: Ad-Supported Video on Demand (AVOD), bring?
  • How can the scenarios without STBs be addressed?
  • and more!

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As we would like to dig even deeper into TV advertising, Beenius will host a Beenius Live Talk: Pay TV for free on Tuesday, 17. of July.  Jure Žlak, Sales manager at Beenius will be discussing the future of programmatic and interactive TV advertising with Rok Rogelj, Head of product management at Beenius.

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