T-commerce or television commerce involves using the technology behind digital television to actively submit advertising to viewers.

The application of T-commerce is an example of how providers of goods and services can use modern digital media applications and with help of service providers reaches potential customers. The idea is to make use of the media in a manner that does not interfere with the viewing experience, but does allow viewers` who are interested in certain products to obtain more information or to place an order in real time. Service providers can send the additional information about displayed ads directly to the viewer’s second screen, smart phone or tablet while the interest level is high, and with that the chain of purchase is getting shorter for end-customer. The main goal is to satisfy the impulsive need of the viewer through television.

According to the researches, end-customers are expressing the highest interest for television ads where food, beauty, health/wellness, travels, sports and autos are advertised. On top of those, service providers can also offer their own products or group of products directly to their viewers`.

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