Social TV gets an upgrade with Beesmart’s new functionalities

Beenius will present its updated and modernized BeeSocial TV features at international TV Connect 2013 running in London between 19 and 21 March.

Beesmart, accelerate growth! To learn more about the potential of Social TV, read and download Social TV: Accelerating Growth of Interactive TV Subscriber Base, a white paper published by Beenius experts today.

The appealing features help operators boost average revenue per user, attract new and lock in existing subscribers. Beesocial TV features inspire users to share their TV experience via social networks, mentioning the operator’s name each time, a perfect opportunity to accelerate growth.

The BeeSocial TV features provided by Beesmart enable users to connect and stay in touch with their friends via TV! Beesmart enables users to follow and share posts on Twitter and Facebook, chat and stay connected with their friends while watching their favorite TV shows.

To learn more about the exciting new Beesocial TV features, do not hesitate to visit us at Stand No. 15 at TV Connect 2013 in London!

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