WEBINAR: How can Cable Operators compete with OTT Service Providers



How can Cable Operators compete with OTT Service Providers

When operators talk about over-the-top (OTT) video solutions usually understanding of OTT is a zero-sum game for the legacy cable and satellite (multichannel video or MVPD) business.
At the webinar, Beenius will present how cable operators can compete with OTT service providers and what Beenius has to offer in regards to deployment possibilities.

Klemen Logar, VP Sales at Beenius will talk about:

  • How is cord cutting trend affecting cable operators business;
  • How can cable operators optimize their services to save money and ensure further growth;
  • How cable operators can expand their service portfolio and capture a new wave of opportunities;
  • What are the benefits of Beenius Hybrid DVB-C + OTT solutions for cable operators?
  • Which are the most important features for cable operators within Beenius interactive tv Platform and Broadcast for Live TV?


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